Flexera's Virtual Desktop Migration Planning Tool Debuts

Flexera's AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment helps companies peer into users' use of computing resources across the network.

The promise of virtual desktop infrastructures is in their ability to save organizations money and improve IT resource utilization, explained Flexera's Vice President of Product Management Steve Schmidt. But many organizations don't have the visibility into how users and desktop apps consume resources.

And that's where Flexera Software comes in, with the release of a migration planning tool aimed at speeding up migration to user-centric computing and virtual desktops. AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment is a virtual appliance with vendor-agnostic planning automation capabilities.

AdminStudio is designed to monitor key system behaviors of computers, users nd applications, Schmidt said, collecting complete inventory and app information (CPU performance, online/offline access, input/output, memory utilization) to "reveal virtualization suitability and the complexity of virtualizing that application."

Among other things, this level of transparency helps enterprise architects make better-informed decisions about virtual desktops deployments. The appliance generates a user-friendly "suitability assessment," which ranks desktop machines and users into low-, medium- and high-complexity groups based on usage patterns and environmental conditions. The system then provides detailed and summary reports that can be filtered based on a range of attributes.

By defining virtualization suitability, Flexera is creating a new category of application compatibility, the company claims. "It's more than just determining whether an application will work in the virtualized environment," said Maureen Polte, Flexera's vice president of product management, in a statement. "You must have a high level of confidence that the user will have a good experience with their virtual desktop. If you're only looking at application compatibility, you're setting yourself up for potential failure and putting your desktop transformation projects at risk. User and device compatibility must be part of the analysis to ensure the assessment is comprehensive and you're making informed decisions."

More information about AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment is available here.

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