LogMeIn Hops On Free Storage Cloud

Cubby provides 5GB, with a professional version allowing syncing across devices without the cloud.

LogMeIn joins the handfuls of vendors clamoring for cloud storage business through an initial free cloud storage offering. Like DropBox and Microsoft's SkyDrive, LogMeIn's Cubby starts at 5GB for new accounts, and with users getting additional storage through referrals of the service to others.

Cubby provides storage access as well as syncing of files and data across numerous devices, from PCs to Macs to Android and iPhone phones as well as iPads and Android-based devices via a Web interface or app. Stored files can be shared with non-Cubby users, and users can view and sync files in a collaborative environment. Files can also be set so that they're read-only.

Cubby comes in a professional version that provides 100GB of cloud storage for $83.88 per year, with larger storage increments. It boasts added security features (and more sophisticated multi-user collaboration features.

One particularly useful feature of the professional version is the ability to directly sync files and data across PC and Mac without having to use the Cubby cloud storage as an interim storage transport.

Cubby is available here.

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