5Nine Takes Over for Hyper-V

5nine Manager 3.7 gives the server hypervisor the GUI treatment.

5nine Software, maker of virtualization management and security tools, has released the latest version of its 5nine Manager for Hyper-V, a virtual infrastructure management tool that provides a GUI for all editions of Hyper-V. Version 3.7 fills a void left on Windows Core or free Hyper-V servers, which don't offer a GUI for managing Hyper-V VMs, networks, and security. Without  5nine Manager for Hyper-V, the alternatives are to manage Hyper-V from the command line or install Hyper-V manager on a remote PC, which can be time-consuming, as it requires another PC and assumes a functional network.

5nine Manager for Hyper-V lets admins manage multiple versions of the Microsoft hypervisor from a single management console, remotely or locally. Its file manager gives IT the ability to add, remove, and edit VMs, virtual networks, and virtual disks; view VM resource allocation and utilization; and manage VM snapshots.

Manager for Hyper-V 3.7 features an enhanced virtual disk manager; IOPS throttling for limiting I/O operations of individual VMs; the ability to create generation-2 VMs;  and a new wizard for creating VMs.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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