5nine Cloud Security 4.0 Steps Up Hyper-V Security and Compliance

New version from 5nine offers agentless, multi-tenant security, antivirus, and VM isolation.

Security and compliance company 5Nine has released the latest version of its Cloud Security 4.0 for Hyper-V. It provides an integrated firewall, antivirus, and IDS in one package. The product is built exclusively for Hyper-V, and promises an additional layer of security and compliance by leveraging the Hyper-V extensible switch and Windows filtering extensions. The newest release promises enhanced multi-tenancy capabilities; support for VM security groups; new antivirus active protection; and enforcement of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Version 4.0 also focuses on speed and usability. 5Nine claims antivirus scans that are up to 50 times faster than its competitors, via incremental scans that track file changes and scan only changed files. Users also get new antivirus configuration enhancements such as path and file exclusions, support for configurable quarantines, and granular user/role-level access control.

Cloud Security 4.0's virtual firewall controls traffic between multiple virtual machines, as well as with external networks. It includes full Kernel mode capabilities, including MAC address and broadcast filtering; ARP rules; stateful packet inspection (SPI); packet inspection and network traffic anomaly analysis; and inbound and outbound, per-VM QoS/bandwidth throttling.

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Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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