CumuLogic Database Service Broker for Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry application developers can now provision production-ready databases in minutes.

Organizations wanting to get their Cloud Foundry developers up and running on new projects as quickly as possible can now look to CumuLogic. The database-as-a-service company has announced a technical preview release of its CumuLogic Database Service Broker for Cloud Foundry. The new product will let Cloud Foundry customers use CumuLogic's platform to deliver production-ready database services in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Foundry application developers can use the database service broker to provision production-ready databases on-demand in just minutes. The CumuLogic platform can also manage thousands of the provisioned databases to perform ongoing maintenance tasks; for example, taking scheduled database backups, executing point-in-time recovery tasks, and monitoring performance and capacity of deployed instances.

The database broker supports MySQL, Percona, MongoDB, and Couchbase. Platform administrators can define service subscription configurations for each of these database engines, starting at single-node database services and scaling up to advanced replication topologies. Once Cloud Foundry administrators create subscription options, they can selectively expose the new service options to developers as needed.

The CumuLogic Database Service Broker for Cloud Foundry is available to users of the CumuLogic platform as an open source project on GitHub, licensed via the Apache Software License Version 2.

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