GigaSpaces In-Memory Analytics Platform Now a Managed Google Cloud Service

GigaSpaces announced that its in-memory analytics processing platform, InsightEdge, is available to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users as a managed service.

InsightEdge is described as an always-on, real-time analytics platform for working with streaming data, providing historical context to facilitate time-sensitive decision-making to act on business insights. In-memory computing is noted for ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction and stream processing, along with co-location of applications and analytics to act on time-critical data in real-time, GigaSpaces says.

[Click on image for larger view.] InsightEdge (source: GigaSpaces).

As a managed GCP service, the company said InsightEdge will let customers introduce new applications that need to quickly ingest, process and analyze streaming, historical data and scale with just one click and zero management responsibilities.

The managed service comes via the new GigaSpaces Cloud offering, which was unveiled Feb. 11.

"Our Cloud offering can be easily deployed with one-click on any cloud, allowing for zero management overhead," the company said. "Using our single data platform, you can execute machine learning models in production using Spark, TensorFlow, and other frameworks, as well as fast analytics, BI and visualization. Not to mention, the platform allows for data discovery and interactive visualization, as well as a 360 real-time view of your data across any data source. You can also monitor your data using GigaSpaces Ops Manager and Grafana."

The GigaSpaces Cloud, available as free trial, provides access to InsightEdge's data and analytics features, such as MemoryXtend and AnalyticsXtreme.

"Using InsightEdge on GigaSpaces Cloud, services and applications can query data from any source for a real-time 360 view; quickly connecting all structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to gain a holistic view of the business," GigaSpaces said in an announcement this week.

"InsightEdge on GigaSpaces Cloud provides one-click connectivity to any database, interactive SQL queries, quick access to data lakes, connectors to business intelligence applications, data visualization, multi region replication and many more advanced features – all at the speed and scale required for time-sensitive data-driven decisions."

Users can also access resources such as sample applications, datasets, and tutorials covering machine learning, data visualization and analytics at GigaSpaces Cloud.

While the new offering is now available for GCP, GigaSpaces said support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure is coming soon.

More information on GigaSpaces Cloud is available in a FAQ, and getting started documentation.

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