VMware Updates Tanzu Community Edition, More

VMware's free Tanzu Community Edition, primarily targeting learners and small-scale, preproduction Tanzu users, has been updated along with several other offerings, the company announced during the KubeCon 2022 conference.

Tanzu ties in with Kubernetes, containers, microservices and other technologies often described as "modern" and "cloud native." VMware says Tanzu helps enterprises run and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters in public/private clouds or a mix of the two, along with building new apps, modernizing existing apps and evolving software development processes around cloud-native technologies, patterns and architectures.

VMware Tanzu
[Click on image for larger view.] VMware Tanzu (source: VMware).

The company introduced the community edition during last fall's VMworld 2021 conference, saying that it can help users build skills and experience.

VMware Tanzu VMware Tanzu Community Edition
[Click on image for larger view.] VMware Tanzu Community Edition (source: VMware).

In announcing VMware Tanzu Community Edition 0.12 today (May 10), the company said new features can:

  • Enable application developers to get a ready-to-use application platform installed and running on their local workstation in minutes
  • Immediately deploy basic web applications without knowledge of Kubernetes or other underlying platform technologies
  • Expand choice for developers with the ability to run local Kubernetes clusters using Minikube, Kind, or Docker Desktop

Also receiving an update was VMware Tanzu Application Platform, used to quickly build and deploy software on public clouds or on-premises Kubernetes clusters.

The company said the new v1.1 update delivers new capabilities to better help enterprises simplify their user experience, build a strong security posture and safeguard previous investments, with features specifically targeted to:

  • Accelerate workload deployment across multiple clusters and gain visibility across environments.
  • Simplify platform deployment processes with installation profiles.
  • Drive greater agility with software supply chain ability to use prebuilt container images.
  • Get instant visualization on workload status as it moves through the supply chain.
  • Build a strong security foundation with consistent Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • .

VMware also touted new features for its CloudHealth Secure State offering -- for mitigating security and compliance risk -- and Tanzu Observability by Wavefront, with the latter providing enhanced insights into Kubernetes workloads and environment while streamlining the onboarding process.

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