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Top 5 Reasons Why Windows on iPads Is Not a Passing Fad

iPads and other tablets are increasing in popularity, and there is growing interest in using tablets for work.  Is this a passing fad or is this trend here to stay?  Here are top five reasons why I think this trend is here to stay, and the top five ways in which IT can address this demand cost-effectively.

#5:  Lightweight but usable

For mobile users such as executives, field agents, and sales representatives, tablets provide the ideal hybrid between a bulky laptop and a cell phone.  While you could access your Windows desktop on an iPhone, the small screen makes it difficult to use, but with the larger screens of iPads and other tablets, you can comfortably use the iPad to view documents, reply to email, and access corporate applications.

#4: Fits certain use cases

For the mobile use cases such as executives who tend to do a lot more reading and reviewing than typing, the form factor is ideal.  You could in fact argue that with gestures and the seamless interface, it is easier to read and review on an iPad than it is on a traditional desktop.  Likewise for other use cases such as healthcare, where doctors can easily walk from room to room with a tablet without needing mobile carts and other expensive equipment.  Similarly, the fan-less iPads are ideal for clean rooms. 

#3: Tablets are becoming meatier

The rapid innovation and competition in the tablet market place is leading to longer battery life, lower price points, and more robust tablets.

#2: Ability to get the corporate Windows desktop on iPads

While there are many applications written for iPads and other tablets, the bulk of these are consumer oriented.  For tablets to be a viable business tool, users need to access their corporate Windows environments and applications easily.  This can be achieved with desktop virtualization that streams the standard corporate Windows desktops to  iPads and other devices.

#1: Consumerization of IT

I think the #1 reason why tablets are here to stay as a work tool is because we as users are changing.  As consumers, we use technology much more today than we have ever done before. As a result our personal and work lives are meshing.  It makes sense then that through the same devices we use in our personal lives, we should be able to also access our work lives.  Companies are using virtual desktops to stream corporate desktops to personal devices, thus delivering anytime, anywhere access without compromising security.

Posted by Krishna Subramanian on 05/09/2011 at 12:47 PM


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