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Cloud Security Vendors to the Rescue

Virtualization Review Editor in Chief Bruce Hoard meets with a lot of vendors. And because the virt and cloud markets overlap so much, Bruce meets a lot of cloud types. With that, Bruce chose five cloud security vendors worth a look.

Dome9 offers a security tool it claims is easily managed because it is so highly centralized. The tool, meant to be as automated as possible, is closed off to administrators unless they explicitly ask for permission. Once the admin is done, access is shut off, resecuring the system.

Sentrigo Hedgehog Enterprise watches your cloud databases and sends out encrypted alerts when there's trouble.

Websense offers security and management as a service, remotely locking down your in-house machines.

Panda Security is a longtime anti-virus. Like Shavlik (which VMware is in the process of buying), Panda now offers a cloud-based virus protection service. The coolest part is how the experiences of the Panda community contributes, almost in real time, to product updates.

Finally, CloudPassage offers firewall-style security that spans your premise and your chunk of a service provider's cloud.

What vendors do you think are cool in the cloud? Give them props at [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/24/2012 at 12:47 PM


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