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Jones on Private Clouds

Microsoft MVP and long time author and trainer and consultant Don Jones is as bothered as I am about the misuse of the term cloud. First it was just cloud. Now private cloud is bandied about expecting we all know what the speaker means when the speaker doesn't always know what the speaker means.

That's why sometimes I takes to define the term before I use it, which can consume several paragraphs (which would be great if I were paid by the word and you would all bear with me).

Don has the same chagrin. He has come to much the same conclusion, except as an Microsoft MVP and long-time author and trainer and consultant, he has way more detail. Here's a summary.

Your data center is automatically provisioned, and even in your own premises, you pay as go. And finally, these private cloud computing resources are fully abstracted. You have no idea what is running where, nor should you.

This is the dream, and like many dreams, will not likely be fully realized. But parts can, Don argues. Areas of the data centers or certain departments can operate as private clouds with all these attributes.

Posted by Doug Barney on 06/21/2012 at 12:47 PM


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