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CIO Cloud Cheat Sheet

Some of you reading this may be a CIO. Some may play that role, but not have the exact title. Others may be a few notches below. But it doesn't hurt for all of us to, at least at times, put on the CIO thinking cap.

So when it comes to imagining a full cloud strategy, here are some things David S. Linthicum, founder of Blue Mountain Labs, himself a CTO, advises.

First, Linthicum sees cloud as a C-level initiative and I guess I agree that a shift of this magnitude, while not always driven from the top, certainly is approved from those heights. For the cloud CIOs drive the strategy, then work with the other big C-level person, the CEO, to get 'er done.

CIOs should only propose what they understand, and so forming a group to analyze how cloud technology applies to the specific enterprise makes sense. CIOs should come away with details, such as where the cloud could have the most immediate impact and how well the current staff is equipped to handle the transition.

Larger shops have to deal with compliance rules, and the cloud adds a new wrinkle. This really means asking the hosting provider a bunch of questions. It might just mean that they are better prepared to handle your compliance than you are.

And lastly, looping back to staff, you may need to make some changes, as not all may be ready for the cloud. The skills of on-premises computing are fundamentally different from cloud. Instead of low-level admin functions, you'll probably need higher level application design and management. The cloud, done right, makes IT more strategic which ain't necessarily a bad thing.

Posted by Doug Barney on 07/10/2012 at 12:47 PM


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