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Oxygen Cloud Has New Take on Cloud Storage

There are myriad Web-based storage tools, and the free ones really ain't that bad. The paid ones are even better.

For pure backup I use Carbonite, and the $55 a year is little to pay for peace of mind. I guess I'd like to see the service double as a cloud check in and checkout service for files for when I'm on a different machine. My guess is they are working on that somewhere, just waiting for the technology and business needs to crash into each other.

For cloud file check in and checkout I use DropBox and it is simple and straightforward.

For those that need more than simple and straightforward, there's a new tool, Oxygen Cloud, which combines on-premises and cloud storage in some intriguing ways.

First is the fact that Oxygen Cloud is all based on a virtual file system, and that file system as I understand it is the foundation for how the storage is organized on-premises. The idea is the file system has the intelligence to control how files are distributed to end points, and access them from over the Internet, end points that include all the major clients, Windows, Mac, Android and vanilla HTTPS.

IT can manage the access, allowing a full dump to authorized users which cuts down on file access over the network, or more controlled access for less trusted users.

And all this is secured with no less than three instances of encryption.

Users shouldn't see all this plumbing. All they should see is another local drive.

Do you use a cloud storage or file service, and if so, which one? Tell me more at [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on 09/26/2012 at 12:47 PM


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