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Symantec Opens Vault to the Cloud

Third parties large and small are moving on-premises wares to the cloud. One advantage is this existing software is presumably stable and debugged. It also offers the ability to have a hybrid install where some software and data stays in the shop while the rest is out in the ether.

This is what Symantec has done with Enterprise

The tool was originally just Symantec Enterprise Vault, and did (and still does) e-mail archiving. The cloud version takes all the existing features and adds access from anywhere. Your mail can be read from a browser, smart phone or your trusty PC.

For IT, cloud storage means you can stop enforcing the mailbox, an unwelcome task that turns IT into the bad guy.

We spoke with Amy Dugdale, Symantec's senior manager of Product Marketing about Enterprise for more about this new approach, including the benefits of the hybrid model and the ability to choose between in-house and the cloud.

"If they are looking for a predictable cost structure with per user/per month pricing, unlimited storage and retention and automatic maintenance/upgrades, then Enterprise is a great way to go," says Dugdale. "If they already have full-time IT staff that can manage the archive on-premise then they may prefer to use Enterprise Vault."

Posted by Doug Barney on 10/02/2012 at 12:47 PM


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