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Dell Cloud Guy Talks Management

I've known Jeff McNaught for years, mostly through his years at Wyse. Jeff was always on the marketing side, but he came off as a product guy -- super knowledgeable and excited. Dell bought Wyse and now Jeff drives strategy for Dell's Cloud Client Computing group.

McNaught recently talked to Bruce Hoard, editor in chief of Virtualization Review, about client infrastructure management in the cloud.

The Dell offering came from Wyse's Project Stratus. Here's how Jeff explains it all. "It's really client infrastructure management from the cloud. It's in response to the millions and millions of licenses that we've sold of our thin client management solution, which is called Dell Wyse Device Manager. You know that's a heavyweight application. It's highly scalable to 100,000 simultaneously connected clients, and it's a big thing to install and maintain. The customers who buy it love it, but they hate getting it installed, so we wanted to build something that would do everything it did, but then a whole lot more -- and we wanted to make it so you never had to install it, you never had to upgrade it and you didn't have to maintain it. So Project Stratus is really that software."

Dell also gains some 3,000 Wyse partners all adept in virtualization and thin client computing, and some of Wyse's expertise in setting up Unified Communications networks.

Posted by Doug Barney on 12/11/2012 at 12:47 PM


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