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A few readers chimed into my blog and I thought I'd share a few this week.

Here's what Gregs had to say about the Citrix Open Desktop Virtualization program I blogged about:

Maybe this is a case of the best defense being a good offense. Citrix knows the desktop and has a array of ready partners in this area. Still, I don't think there's a lot of desktop virtualization going on out there - certainly nothing compared to server virtualization. Are any significant desktop virtualization projects actually moving forward?

Mike believes he's seen this kind of move before, with VMware in Microsoft's position for the moment:

Never underestimate the power of marketing, ie Novell vs Microsoft. VMware has the better marketing & customer attention.

Anonymous thinks Sun needs to trim the fat, whether or not the Oracle/Sun merger goes through:

Sun has enough bloat that 3,000 fewer employees won't make a difference. While there are many dedicated and driven employees at Sun, the absence of new projects and strategy has freed up a lot of people. Further, knowing the acquisition is coming, people have stopped dreaming up crazy, complex internal business solutions that take a lot of infrastructure to support. The company still has too many employees. If this acquisition doesn't happen, Sun still needs to clear out its upper management and get some fresh talent.

Interesting insight, Anonymous, and I wish you had identified yourself because I'd like to know how arrived at those conclusions.

Speaking of which, if you post, write to me as well at [email protected]. There are times I want to carry on the conversation and get inside your heads. No doubt I'll preserve your anonymity if I publish your comments, and for some of you, I might even send you a Redmond Media Group t-shirt.

In any event, Anonymous (might not be the same one) posted a few more times to my recent blog on using two hypervisors:

VMware costs are high and competitive products are getting very close in functionality with very little costs. Competitive products from OS providers don't charge cost of OS for each guest on top of their platform. But OS for guests must be paid for when using VMware. This is pushing costs of VMware way out of competitive range.

Indeed. And then there's this:

We hare primarily a Microsoft shop with a strong implementation of Windows Server 2003/2008 on VMware's ESX platform. However,we're currently in the process of installing six additional systems running the Citrix XenServer solution (running XenApp on Windows Server 2008 VMs). The Citrix solution has shown positive results during testing. I expect to see good performance in production.

Anonymous doesn't say whether they'd continue to run them side by side in the months ahead. So, write to me, Anonymous and explain your plans. I'm at [email protected].

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 12/03/2009 at 12:48 PM


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