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The Blind Can Now See

Saying "Seeing is understanding," Xangati recently introduced virtual appliances designed to shine a light on all communications across both virtual and physical worlds. These products are designed to make it easier for IT organizations to move from the physical to the virtual world without losing the ability to monitor traffic across both environments.

Xangati for ESX and the Xangati Management Dashboard were specifically created to eliminate "blind spots" that have plagued hybrid IT shops that must maintain a mix of physical and virtual technologies. By viewing virtual communications within a physical hypervisor, users will be able to see problems coming and eliminate them before they can do any damage.

According to Xangati, users can now track 5,000 "identities" in virtual or physical eco-systems, adding, "We can provide a lot of visibility at a price point that virtualization teams have a budget for." The product is specifically designed to complement VMware's vCenter by adding what Xangati calls "360-degree communication visibility into all of the critical elements that it manages."

Xangati says the results of a pilot program it conducted prove that virtual infrastructures are not the cause of "emerging performance issues," and that better physical-to-virtual communications "foster better relationships between virtualization teams and the owners of the servers that they have created."

The new suite of virtual appliances is available now. Xangati for ESX can be downloaded here for a free 14-day trial, or at an immediate cost of $299. The Xangati Management Dashboard Standard edition is available for $4,999, and the Enterprise edition costs $9,999. The company is also offering a Starter Kit available at the discounted rate of $9,999 -- including Xangati for ESX for up to 20 hosts and the Xangati Management Dashboard for Enterprise edition.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 03/23/2010 at 12:48 PM


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