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Chris Wolf Outtakes: Good as Gold

One of the many benefits/frustrations of interviewing Chris Wolf, Research Director at Gartner, is having so much good material left over after a relatively small amount makes its way into my article.

For example, in the course of interviewing Chris for my profile on VMware, I asked him about Kaviza's take on VDI. Noting that Citrix had invested in Kaviza, he told me that he had talked to a lot of his clients last summer who were upset at Citrix and VMware for producing 1080p video on their virtual desktop solutions at a time when what customers really needed was the ability to overcome WAN shortcomings that were making it difficult to connect users to their apps in distant geographical locations.

Speaking as one of his clients, Chris says, "What I need is an appliance that I can put in some of these remote facilities that can render the virtual desktops locally, but still allow me to centrally manage them. That's what Kaviza gives me. They give me VDI in a box, and it's very complementary to the existing solutions that are out there. The large enterprise can just drop the Kaviza box in that remote facility, my users get the virtual desktop performance over the LAN, and I don't have the high infrastructure costs because everything is self-contained in one server." And in the case of Kaviza right now, they have added support for Citrix HDX, so they're in a good spot.

There it is, neat, clean and succinct--the inside view on a company that has a solid shot at success.

Question: Are you interested in reading outtakes from interesting analyst and vendor interviews?

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 06/29/2010 at 12:48 PM


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