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Netuitive 5.0 Digs Deep

The management and monitoring mantra goes on.

This time it's being manifested by Netuitive, the self-styled leading provider of "self-learning performance management software," in the form of the company's Netuitive 5.0 release, which allows cloud users to look behind the physical covers to see what's going on with systems and services on the virtual side of things. The reported upside is improved system performance and enhanced service quality combined with reduced operating and administrative costs.

Looking at the benefits in another light, the company says "Netuitive 5.0 replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to understand normal system behavior across IT silos, isolate root causes of service issues, and forecast degradations before they impact performance."

The message is clear: Cloud-based environments are far more complex than their traditional data center counterparts because they are based on geographically dispersed systems that defy monitoring via manual correlation rules and static thresholds, or siloed tool sets that address just one domain at a time.

Prominent new features in the 5.0 product include unified visualization and performance management database (PMDB).

Unified Visualization aggregates service views from distributed infrastructures, regardless of monitoring source or geography, to deliver a real-time dashboard view of end-to-end service health. Playing to the vendor's strength, "Netuitive self-learns and correlates the performance for every component that enables an organization's private cloud service--including physical and virtual servers, storage, network and applications--to provide unprecedented visibility, performance forecasting and root cause isolation."

Performance Management Database leverages data already being collected by existing systems monitoring tools--including those from BMC, CA, IBM, Microsoft, VMware--to deliver a rich source of IT performance data. According to Netuitive, "Organizations can now search millions of data points to quickly evaluate system performance in order to fully optimize under-utilized infrastructure assets, including servers, storage and network components."

For pricing info, contact Netuitive.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 06/03/2010 at 12:48 PM


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