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Citrix, Cisco Offer Tempting Desktop Virtualization Fare

On a role since the week before VMworld, Citrix is keeping a high profile by teaming up with Cisco to develop and deliver new desktop virtualization technology created to enhance the Holy Grail that is the desktop virtualization user experience.

The recipe is not complex: Combine XenDesktop with unified computing, sing hosannas to Flexcast and HDX, sprinkle in spices (no pun intended) such as "simpler, more scalable solutions," and the result is a highly palatable comfort meal that warms the hearts of desktop virtualization users who are looking for a nice protein load, but don't want to overdo.

Under the guise of "Accelerates Mainstream Adoption of Desktop Virtualization," this new combo offers both preconfigured service profiles that expedite set-up times, and preconfigured starter and expansion kits that speed up deployment times. Citrix and Cisco are also offering a reference design architecture that features NetApp storage.

Toward that end, Citrix and Cisco claim to be eliminating the storage bottleneck that has become so unpopular--and expensive--for many virtualization users who are looking to maximize their profitability while streamlining their operations. According to the two companies, "The Citrix UCS offers memory-extension technology that can deliver up to 60% greater virtual desktop density per server with no degradation in application performance when compared with other server platforms with standard memory configurations."

Citrix is wisely using this joint agreement to wave the flag of enhanced user experience, flog its high-definition HDX technology (customizable on a per-user basis), and tout the ability of its Flexcast technology to satisfy every user need.

Citrix is sweetening the pot by throwing in XenApp and its integration with Microsoft App-V, "making it easy for customers to deliver Windows apps as an on-demand service to any device, across any type of physical or virtual network."

It's a nice way for Cisco--which is looking to enhance its virtualization chops--to get involved with Citrix--a top-notch virtualization company that is well known for its openness to mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 09/13/2010 at 12:48 PM


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