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Nasuni Filer 2.0 Expands into Microsoft Country

Andreas Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni, which prides itself on making the cloud usable to business users, is very excited and animated about the debut of Nasuni Filer 2.0., which e calls "a virtual NAS appliance that provides secure in-network access to unlimited storage." The new version offers enhanced performance in Windows environments with full support for Hyper-V (a common destination for storage companies lately) and Azure, which Rodriguez likes a lot. There is also support for DFS namespaces and Windows Previous Versions. In addition, Rodriguez says 2.0 now supports private clouds and enables customers to provide their own "cloud credentials, increasing the flexibility of the product."

He goes on to talk about 2.0 offering primary cloud storage to more users and "exciting new pain-killing features" such as the ability for end users to restore their own files without involving IT. The grand plan is to turn the Nasuni Filer--which his customers typically use to push a couple of terabytes a week out to the cloud--into a data sprawl killer that will help alleviate the day-to-day demands of the workplace.

But 2.0 is only one step. As he describes it: "With every new release, we have a two-fold mission: introducing more customers to the cloud and expanding what a file server can do. Our 1.0, a NAS with unlimited primary storage and integrated backup, was already a strong, innovative foundation, and we're building from there, pushing the file server to ease even more IT pain."

The Nasuni File with Hyper-V comes with Windows Server 2008 (but still with VMware as well) to deliver primary storage from the cloud that is "indistinguishable" from local storage. Adding to the company's roster of cloud service providers, Nasuni now allows its 2.0 customers to create volumes on Azure without the need for any additional plug-ins or software.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 09/22/2010 at 12:48 PM


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