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SunGard Saved One Company "Millions"

Sungard is a familiar name to most of us, and based on its track record with large customers, we know they got their technical chops down a long time ago. SunGard Availability Services is an offshoot of the mother ship that offers a range of DR services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software to some 10,000 customers in North America and Europe.

What we may not know is that SunGard Availability Services is a customer-friendly company that is interested in being a business partner at the same time it is a service provider. Jim Dunlap, president of Cycle30--a subsidiary of GCI, Alaska's largest telecommunications and cable provider--found that out on his way to selecting the SunGard Availability Services enterprise-grade cloud platform to implement Cycle30's billing services for its cable, telecom, and utility customers across North America. According to Dunlap, "If you look at their financial picture, it tends to give you a lot of confidence, but it really had much more to do with the people we met."

And by the way, Dunlap says, "We have saved millions of dollars using their cloud computing services."

These savings came about because in launching its new billing services, Cycle30 adopted a successful go-to-market strategy based on getting up, running, and highly competitively ASAP. Toward that end, they implemented a blended solution that combined cloud computing with managed hosting and recovery services. That resulted in the ability to scale on short notice and add new clients rapidly.

SunGard Availability Services treated Cycle30 right, and Dunlap is passing that customer-centric approach on to his customers, saying his company will provide them with SLAs aimed at "making life easier for the person who pays the bills for telecom or utility services."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 10/12/2010 at 12:48 PM


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