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Netuitive Spreading Its Monitoring Tentacles

When I spoke with the Netuitive people at VMWorld last summer, they were very happy about what they had accomplished with their technology, which is based on the company’s patented Behavior Learning Engine, and replaces manual, rules-based approaches with statistical analysis that automatically correlates and self-learns the operational behavior of IT systems and applications. It then forecasts problems before they can impact performance, and isolates root cause wherever a problem occurs.

Now the company, whose technology is in use at eight of the world’s 10 largest banks in terms of asset size, is taking the next step by announcing plans for what it calls “the industry’s first predictive IT analytics platform for end-to-end analysis of performance and capacity management in the cloud.”

As part of that platform, during Q4 of this year, Netuitive will introduce Integration Studio, which the company describes as an open development environment that enables customers to plug in data streams from any monitoring source In this environment. As the company puts it, “Data is collected and normalized in Netuitive’s integration hub, analyzed by Netuitive’s predictive IT analytics software powered by behavior learning technology, with actionable outputs delivered based on the analysis.”

Due out in Q3 is a “Trusted Triggers” feature that includes proactive capabilities relating to resource provisioning and infrastructure right-sizing. According to Netuitive VP Daniel Heimlich, Trusted Triggers can automatically and simultaneously correlate thousands of metrics, and send a trigger to orchestration software that provides the right-sizing provisioning.

Heimlich said that at some point, Netuitive software may be fine-tuned to the point where it can detect the impact of ambient temperature or even weather patterns on server performance. That’s wild stuff, but it will only be hot until something cooler comes along.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 02/10/2011 at 12:48 PM


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