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Seizing Virtual and Physical Control with NetChk 7.8

Saying it wants to reboot IT by creating a "just-add-water-and-stir solution," Shavlik Technologies is trying to streamline the manageability and security of IT infrastructures by taking control of all network-based physical and virtual machines. Toward that end, Shavlik is taking the wraps off its newly released NetChk 7.8 Protect and NetChk vProtect versions of the NetChk Protect product line.

The company also says it is now offering an easy migration path to VMware as the market leader moves its OS and application patching out of vCenter. Put it all together, says president and CEO Mark Shavlik, and his company claims to be the first to offer SMBs a complete solution for managing physical and virtual machines whether they are online or offline.

The company, which Shavlik calls "private and very profitable," is reportedly the only virtualization vendor that can replace the VMware Update Manager (VUM) functionality for VMware users. It accomplishes this through Net Chk vProtect. NetChk vProtect comes with one free CPU license of 10 seats. Additional licenses start at $450 for a 3-CPU license per year, and the product is available in March.

NetChk Protect 7.8 was created to prevent CIOs and technical managers at SMBs from falling prey to VM sprawl and losing track of their VMs in the process. Through the use of agentless technology, NetChk Protect 7.8 discovers and patches these would-be rogue VMs online or offline or via templates, bringing them back into the virtualization fold, and increasing network security. Shavlik is especially high on its ability to manage VMs offline, which boosts the company's image as a one-stop shop.

NetChk Protect 7.8 starts at $27 per machine per year and will be available in March. With 4,000 customers and a 92 percent retention rate, Shavlik thinks its strategy of making life easier for users will continue to pay off.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 03/01/2011 at 12:48 PM


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