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Citrix Acquires

By completing its acquisition of and its CloudStack platform, Citrix has re-emphasized its commitment to open source computing that has been demonstrated by its support of the OpenStack cloud infrastructure developed by Rackspace. Citrix also made it clear that it wants to build on CloudStack technology to offer large-scale clouds such as those built by for companies like Zynga and Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

CloudStack and OpenStack were developed in parallel, and Citrix says it has identified areas where the two can be collaborative while they become increasingly compatible. The company also said it will continue to support Project Olympus, which was created to be a tested and certified version of OpenStack. has deployed some 60 large-scale clouds in the U.S., Asia and Indonesia, most of which are built on XenServer. In an effort to increase that number, Citrix will now offer "Cloudmaster Webinars" which will educate customers on the principles and concepts of next-generation clouds. It will also offer two-day "Build-a-Cloud Workshops."

Citrix further announced the creation of a Cloud Platforms products group headed up by former CEO of VMLogix, Sameer Dholakia, who is group vice president and general manager of the new group. Reporting to him will be CEO Sheng Liang, who will continue to lead the design, architecture and technology of the CloudStack product line.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 07/12/2011 at 12:48 PM


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