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Former Kaviza COO Heads Up VDI-in-a-box

Just in case you've been wondering about what's been going on with Kaviza since Citrix acquired the company on May 23 along with its VDI-in-a-box technology, I can tell you that the Kaviza name is gone, and the first Citrix-branded product based on Kaviza's technology is scheduled to be released by year-end.

In addition, VR blogger and former Kaviza COO Krishna Subramanian has been named VP of Marketing and Business Development for VDI-in-a-box, a position that will enable her to perform such tasks as distinguishing the differences between the missions of Kaviza-style vs. XenDesktop-style VDI in terms of how they relate to topics such as product messaging and licensing between the two desktop virtualization offerings.

At this point, strategy details are sparse, and Subramanian is confining her comments to the 30,000-foot level, which means she is talking about the different priorities of SMBs and enterprises -- e.g. SMBs have simpler requirements, and are looking for easy, affordable packaged solutions, while enterprises are more interested in flexibility and customization.

Her next how-to blog is scheduled to be posted online at within the next couple of weeks, so check it out for more insights on what she has in mind.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 09/29/2011 at 12:48 PM


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