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Nasuni Wants to Help You See Cloud Storage Differently

Cloud storage provider Nasuni is fighting the good fight when it comes to selling cloud storage. As everybody knows, a lot of users are still hesitating to move their data offsite and onto the cloud, but it does happen, or CloudSwitch would have not been acquired by Verizon.

In a recent study conducted by Nasuni of 451 IT decision makers at North American enterprises, respondents echoed the concerns that many companies have stressed, e.g. 81 percent of respondents are concerned about data security in the cloud, while 48 percent were concerned about the level of control over cloud-based data storage. Going on, the survey revealed that only 43 percent of respondents have plans to store their data in the cloud over the next year.

So how is this dire news good for Nasuni? The good news is that according to Product Evangelist Chris Glew, Nasuni is ready to ride to the rescue if overriding concerns about cloud storage force users into buying consumer storage solutions that are less secure than the enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions offered by Nasuni.

"Our recent survey makes painfully clear the quandary the cloud presents to IT leaders," Glew opines. "They clearly understand the promise of cloud storage for cost savings, off-site backup, unlimited scale, simpler IT management, and on-demand provisioning, but they are also rightfully concerned about the security of their data and whether they have control over it at all times."

Which takes us back to the longstanding tendency of rogue users who like the idea of a technology--such as cloud storage--but opt for lower quality consumer options without the permission of IT. By "consumer," Glew means services that are typically used to share information among friends--and are potentially disastrous for businesses.

"The survey demonstrates the need for a new, cost-effective approach to storage that harnesses the unlimited capacity of the cloud in a way that guarantees data is always secure, always manageable, and always under IT's control," says Glew.

Nasuni is only too happy to help users save themselves from their penurious ways.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 11/29/2011 at 12:48 PM


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