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Do-it-Yourself Cloud-Based Storage Services

iWave Software offers an alternative to users who want to develop their own cloud-based storage services as opposed to hiring a service provider for the task. In addition to giving companies the comfort of knowing they have architected their own, on-demand, cloud storage solutions, iWave Storage Director 1.5 adheres to the immutable rule that states "Thou shalt not displace legacy storage infrastructures."

Storage Director 1.5 caters to budget-sensitive customers by automating the tasks associated with provisioning, reclamation and remediation for storage. In addition, it enables storage admins to push the self-service button, which enables them to automate storage services in private storage cloud environments that are available to storage consumers. In this way, admins are able to cost-efficiently leverage unified workflows across vendor products and within organizationally defined policies for regulatory compliance. Bottom line: Fewer admins are required, and those who remain can focus on other, more core-competency-related tasks.

Reduced storage outages are another benefit provided by Storage Director 1.5, because it ensures best practices are automatically followed with each request for provisioning. This eliminates configuration errors during provisioning. Throw in finding and reclaiming unused storage, and improving end-user satisfaction by reducing the time required for provisioning new storage from weeks to hours, and you have a full solution set.

Company quote: "Our solution gives storage administrators the ability to develop a fully automated storage services catalog based on best practices, making storage easy for users to consume and for administrators to manage."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 12/06/2011 at 12:48 PM


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