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vSphere 5: Slow to Roll?

Could it be that we are underestimating the rigors of implementing vSphere 5? I ask that because during a briefing I had with vKernel this week, when I asked Product Marketing Manager Alex Rosemblat what he was hearing about vSphere 5 migrations, he replied, "We have very few customers who are using it extensively yet." This, from a guy whose company sells heavily into dedicated VMware environments.

I'm not implying that there are serious hidden problems here. After all, vSphere 5 officially hit the streets in late August, only some three months ago, but it just seems a little odd that Rosemblat hasn't felt a stronger product pulse for the latest and greatest iteration of VMware's primo virtualization environment. He did say that some users were doing pilots, so maybe IT organizations are making sure they've got vSphere 5 down pat via a proof-of-concept approach before they mount a serious migration.

Here at Virtualization Review, we have been doing our best to keep readers abreast of this hot topic via a new, dedicated vSphere 5 page, and blogs from our How-to Guy, David Davis, and Virtual Insider Eli Khnaser. David most recently wrote a blog entitled, "How to Monitor vSphere 5 vRAM Pools," while Eli produced "ESX-to-ESXi Migration Key to Success? The ESX System Analyzer."

As vSphere 5 gains momentum, we will continue to report the news and analyze the issues on this pressing topic.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 12/08/2011 at 12:48 PM


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