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Nasuni's Cloud Storage Focused On Enterprise

I've been wondering how things were going for cloud storage company Nasuni and its CEO Andres Rodriguez, so it was nice to see they had good financial fortune in 2011 even if they have joined Veeam among the dubious ranks of quasi-public companies that produce ersatz financial statements that substitute "bookings" for revenues.

For what it's worth, Nasuni says it increased bookings more than tenfold and doubled its number of enterprise customers. Beyond that, the company tripled the number of upgrades from existing customers and grew its international business tenfold--honest.

What went so right? Nasuni says during 2011 it changed its focus from SMBs to enterprises, and sold their enterprise storage services entirely through the IT channel, which the company says will "radically change" the traditional channel model.

Here's how it works: "Instead of making a big pop on an initial storage sale, and then making just a paltry five percent on maintenance the next year, Nasuni's partners continue to get 20-30 percent on the annual fee every year--and as their customers' storage needs grow, so do the fees and money they make."

Congrats, Andre--you're walking the walk.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 01/25/2012 at 12:48 PM


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