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Wyse Tees Up SaaS Offering

Wyse is a savvy and increasingly ambitious technology company that is looking to continue growing by staying on top of the rapidly changing virtualization and cloud market via partnerships with leading vendors such as Citrix, Cisco and IBM, while offering a host of management-related products that position the company as a major player.

Wyse announced this week that it has upped its ante with a major commitment to the consumerization of IT by unveiling its entry into the SaaS market via Project Stratus, which is expected to debut during the middle part of this year. In a nutshell , Project Stratus -- which was in part empowered by Wyse's purchase of mobile device management vendor Trellia late in 2011 -- will reportedly enable IT to manage all of the devices within an enterprise, whether they were purchased by the company, by employees, or in any other fashion.

Referring to Project Stratus as a "holistic cloud-based device management service," Wyse says "Project Stratus is a secure, highly available and scalable cloud-based service, allowing customers to have a fully deployed and configured environment in less than an hour, and even scale from tens to thousands of devices overnight, all without any complex on-premise servers to maintain and upgrade."

The company goes on to say that the unified console portion of Project Stratus exceeds traditional device management solutions because it offers a complete view of IT infrastructures serving end users, providing visibility into their devices and all the IT assets these devices access.

According to Wyse, "This added visibility into the relationship between users, devices and the IT ecosystem -- combined with a world-class analytics engine -- provides invaluable insight into usage models and trends, and helps to identify areas of investment to more securely and effectively provide corporate services to end users."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 02/29/2012 at 12:48 PM


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