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Hotlink SuperVISOR 1.5 for VMware to the Rescue

In recognition of the fact that multi-hypervisor environments are becoming increasingly common, HotLink unveiled HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware 1.5, which provides advanced vCenter features, including live migration of cross-platform workloads via vMotion for Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This move provides users with vCenter capabilities across their virtual environments using their existing VMware management console.

HotLink founder and CEO Lynn LeBlanc views v1.5 as something of a rescue mission for users who are feeling locked in to more costly VMware vSphere systems, even though, for example, Hyper-V is equally functional in some environments. According to her, "This product gives end users the most choice when mapping the right workload to the right technologies. It is a huge windfall for users."

The Snapshot Manager capability of v1.5 enables admins to create, use and manage cross-platform snapshots witnin the vCenter console, while the Template Manager capability enables users to create and deploy a single template across all target hypervisors, which eliminates the excessive time and effort required to build and maintain platform-specific virtual machine templates.

HotLink SuperVISOR 1.5 for VMware is currently available with a starting price of $25,000 (perpetual) or $6,000 (annual subscription).

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 04/16/2012 at 12:48 PM


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