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MokaFive Liberates iPad, iPhone Users from Rogue Status

When it came to managing virtual desktops, MokaFive is one of those companies that seemed to have an edge on competition right from the beginning. They remind me a bit of Parallels, which, like MokaFive, has driven the acceptance of Macs in the workplace. They also fit in with companies like Unidesk -- with its desktop layering technology -- and Wanova -- which offers a layered image foundation.

In its latest announcement, MokaFive says that its MokaFive for iOS software unifies work and personal computing in iPads and iPhones, while securing corporate data, no matter what untimely turn for the worse said data may have taken. Which leads us to the kind of Holy Grail quote we hear more and more often these days: "With this addition, MokaFive offers the only solution that enables companies to manage all of their devices -- from Macs to iPads and iPones -- from a single console."

In making this announcement, MokaFive says they have broken through the numero uno barrier to the deployment of iOS devices in the enterprise, namely the security of business data. Mobility-wise, MokaFive for iOS enables employees to seamlessly roam from desktop to laptop to iPad, while accessing the same files securely from each via its intuitive iPad user experience. Result: Key docs and info are accessed by users as they wind their ways through another business day. The bonus is, they can view docs both online and offline.

MokaFive picked a canned quote from John Odden, principal of managed service provider My Direct HISP, who originally uttered words that were massaged into "Our healthcare clients are very excited to be able to use their iPads and iPhones to securely access protected health information offline or over WiFi and 4G wireless networks, and stay in HIPAA compliance." Canned or not, the man makes a point.

MokaFive for iOS is immediately available for download from the Apple App Store, while the companion MokaFive Management Server for IT is available from MokaFive.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 04/17/2012 at 12:48 PM


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