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EMC, VMware Seek the Big Storage View

Call it Big Analytics. EMC and VMware are taking advantage of their unique relationship -- EMC owns some 80 percent of VMware's stock -- to jointly integrate EMC's VNX storage intelligence with the analytics of VMware's vCenter Operations Management Suite via the new VNX Connector. The goal is to enable a single, high-end view of IT infrastructures via VNX.

Expanding on their "long-standing partnership," the two companies will produce two deliverables. The first is the VNX Storage Analytics Suite, which is based on vCenter Operations Management Suite and designed to provide storage performance, capacity optimization and enhanced SLA performance via analytics and diagnostics. The VNX Connector will play its part by producing storage metrics and configurable dashboards within vCenter Operations Management Suite.

It sounds like VMware is producing technology for analytics-heavy companies like John Deere and Coca Cola, who are striving to consolidate vast and widely dispersed data repositories in an effort to better understand their data and how they can use it to their competitive advantage. For example, Coke's Freestyle System -- a high-tech service fountain that gathers information on everything from sales of 125 Coke products to the onsite ambient temperature -- is an excellent example of a cutting-edge, big data implementation that feeds a back-end analytics engine.

In the words of EMC, "VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite provides holistic visibility and understanding of the virtual environment leading to optimization across compute, storage, and network. New integration with EMC VNX Connector for VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite will marry VNX storage metrics with VMware vCenter Operations capabilities such as intuitive, configurable dashboards with drill-down, health alerts and patented analytics."

The EMC VNX Storage Analytics Suite and EMC VNX Connector for VMware vCenter Operations Management Suites are expected to be generally available in the second half of 2012.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/22/2012 at 12:48 PM


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