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Upgraded Cortado Workplace Debuts

Although Cortado is quick to note the promising Thinprint OEM deal it made with VMware last November, its primary item of concern these days is the upcoming GA of HTML5 version of Cortado Workplace, which adds client for PCs, Macs and notebooks to its existing series of apps for some 230,000 users of iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices.

The cloud-based Cortado Workplace enables users to enjoy all of the "practical" desktop features it offers on any device from any location, while securely accessing corporate resources. According to the company, "The app provides users with free and fast access to their personal, password-protected 2 GB online storage space and multiple file-handling features, such as the ability for files to be e-mailed of exported to PDF."

The HTML5 version makes it easier to use the personal Cortado Workplace account with different devices. For example, files can be uploaded with a PC or Mac and then accessed and edited with a smart phone or tablet.

According to Cortado CEO Henning Volkmer, the new version has been beta tested "extensively internally" and it has no direct competition -- which is a familiar claim from vendors these days. He qualifies that claim by noting some companies such as Mobileiron and AirWatch offer device management, which is only one feature of Cortado Workplace.

Regarding Dropbox, Volkmer says people don't like it because it is insecure and fails to provide "traceability" and "accountability." However, he adds, while Dropbox may not be popular, it is still used independently of IT control, and "There's nothing IT can do about it."

The new version of Cortado Workplace retains the previous version's price point of $100 per user.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/07/2012 at 12:48 PM


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