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Bromium Finally Rolls Out vSentry

After much ado over the past year, Bromium announced the GA of its first product, vSentry, which CEO Gaurav Banga says will ease "the great pain" felt by users as they are tasked with providing security for an array of competing technologies, including consumerization, social networks, and cloud applications, to name a few.

At this early point, financial pain is not a problem for Bromium, which in June said it had received $26.5 million in Series B funding from a group led by Highland Capital Partners.

Based on the Bromium Microvisor, a "security-focused hypervisor," vSentry was designed to protect Windows PCs from undetectable advanced malware that attacks the enterprise by tricking users into opening poisoned attachments, documents and Web sites.

In a statement, Bromium said, "vSentry enables IT to safely embrace key trends in mobility and 'anywhere, anytime' access -- empowering users to collaborate, access cloud-hosted applications, and the consumer web, and open unsafe documents and media without risk to enterprise information or infrastructure."

According to Banga -- who has replaced his higher-profile co-founder and spokesperson Simon Crosby as the frontman for this announcement -- Bromium has been seriously soliciting feedback from its early customers since January, and has been tweaking vSentry to comply with their requests. Those early customers include 43 large enterprise customers drawn from the ranks of very large institutions such as financial services, pharmaceutical firms, and government. Banga says all 43 of those customers are going forward with Bromium.

Pricewise, Banga was reluctant to lay out specific numbers, saying only that there is a list price that Bromium will "discount massively" for customers who are considering volume purchases in the six- and seven-figure range.

So far, so good. As Banga puts it, "These are the early days of Bromium. Nobody has said no yet."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 09/19/2012 at 12:48 PM


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