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iWave Storage Automator 6.5 Debuts

With iWave Storage Automator v6.5, iWave Software is out to save users money by lowering storage administration costs and enabling users to provision, extend and reclaim enterprise storage. The company is in a potentially lucrative market niche with its storage and cloud automation solutions for enterprises, and v6.5 solidifies its standing.

The beneficiaries of the new product's benefits include VMware and Linux admins, and Windows users who are provided with a comprehensive catalog of automated storage services accessible via an intuitive, Web-based, self-service portal.

In a press release, iWave stated, "While end-users are empowered to provision, extend and reclaim their own storage, storage administrators retain total control of all automated storage services through a robust set of storage automation policies." iWave's automated services are extensive through a RESTful API that enables admins to seamlessly integrate with enterprise IT process orchestration platforms, cloud orchestration tools and IT system management apps.

According to Ron Smith, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at iWave, the company now has 47 employees and 12 customers, and is strong in the banking and healthcare markets. He goes on to note that where it previously took up to 25 days to provision IT requests, with v6.5 users can now anticipate their needs and set future dates for automatic storage provisioning. There is also a positive impact on SLAs. "Why wait for three-to-five-day SLAs to deliver storage when a server can be built in 45 minutes?" Smith asks.

Individual features that come with iWave Storage Automator v6.5 include automated services for block and file storage, expanded multi-vendor support, automated chargeback/showback functionality, a software development kit, ease of integration with RESTful Web API, and execution windows for automated storage services.

Currently available, v6-5 can be downloaded by storage professionals via a free, 30-day trial here.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 10/31/2012 at 12:48 PM


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