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NComputing Covers New Enterprise Ground

NComputing goes right after two of the same bugaboos as everyone else in the desktop computing market place: reducing costs and simplifying management, and they say they are doing just that with vSpace, which they have repositioned as a fully integrated, end-to-end virtualization platform that supports the expected list of technologies: mobility, BYOD and migrations to Windows 7 and 8.

The company, which says it has four million vSpace seats in production supporting 20 million users in 140 countries, has taken a step up from its comfy mid-market, thin client confines to join the chaos of the enterprise desktop fray via its collaboration with Citrix, which includes the development of NComputing's high-performance HDX thin clients for Citrix. In this enterprise space, the company is targeting potential customers in the healthcare, manufacturing and financial services markets.

The complete vSpace platform delivers the essentials needed to "quickly deploy and manage desktop virtualization, including vSpace Server software, the User eXtension (UXP) protocol, thin client devices, vSpace client software, centralized management software, and premium support and services."

NComputing is highlighting three new additions to the vSpace platform, beginning with vSpace Server version 7 for Windows, which provides multi-user access to desktop computing by dividing computer resources into independent, virtual workspaces. This gives up to 100 users simultaneous access to a single Windows or Linux OS instance. The vSpace Server interacts with the NComputing UXP and the NComputing hardware and software access clients to deliver "an optimized end-to-end desktop virtualization experience." Other key features of this release include the ability to manage multiple vSpace instances from vSpace Management Center, support for NComputing Common Management Framework (CMF), and Smart Card Support that enables key vertical application functions.

The new vSpace Management Center provides a scalable, flexible point of enterprise-class management for organizations using NComputing desktop access devices. A web-based console enables IT admins to manage all client devices anywhere, anytime, which reduces overhead expenses relating to managing environments, no matter the size or number of sites. In addition, it provides a single, browser-based management facility and interface for both vSpace and N-series environments. Further, It is scalable to managing 10,000 sessions, and multiple instances. Beyond that, it automates functions like firmware upgrades and configuration changes.

The company also introduced vSpace Premium Support and Services that give vSpace users access to regular software updates and upgrades, along with online web sources, and direct access to dedicated vSpace support engineers. The upgraded vSpace Desktop and Application Virtualization Platform is currently available.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 12/05/2012 at 12:48 PM


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