Mainframe Clouds Roll In

More and more x86 workloads are returning to the big box.


Transforming Private Clouds

By Eric Beehler

Maintaining control and security are essential when building out virtualized datacenters.

Build an IT Lab for Virtual Machines

By Thomas Vater, Andreas Rynes

Do you have a demand for testing hardware to support new projects and updates? A virtual test lab could fit the bill.

Mainframe Clouds Roll In

By Bruce Hoard

More and more x86 workloads are returning to the big box. It makes perfect sense, too, as it's the big box where the cloud had been conceived decades ago.

Editor's Note

Enough with the Truth Already: A Cloud Conversation with Jon Toigo

By Bruce Hoard

You want a piece of Jon Toigo? Be my guest.

How To Guy

Chaotic Cloud Pricing

By David Davis

Pricing for cloud services needs to be a bit more structured and transparent for anyone to take cloud computing seriously.

How to Monitor vSphere 5 vRAM Pools

By David Davis

With the introduction of vSphere 5, VMware created the concept of vRAM pools and added this as a critical component of purchasing a vSphere license.

Take Five With Tom Fenton

TAKE 5: Cloud Security Solutions That Caught My Eye

By Bruce Hoard

The variety of cloud security strategies leaves users with interesting and diverse choices.

Product Reviews

V-Commander Takes Charge of Private Clouds

By Brien Posey

Embotics combines all the bells and whistles in one slick, easy-to-use private cloud package.

Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops That Work

By Brien Posey

The Desktone Cloud system gives admins full control of virtualized desktops, even in the cloud.

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