VMWorld 2013: A World Unto Itself

VMworld 2013 is no ordinary show. For Virtualization Review, it's the event of the year -- the one that takes our breath away as we try to keep up with new developments and updates upon updates on products that churn out of the labs of VMware and the related third-party products and services ecosystem. Sometimes we need a breather and a reality check to figure out what's important in our own little IT spheres.

That's the purpose of this issue -- to cut to the chase. Right up front, we have an interview with Robin Matlock, acting chief marketing officer at VMware and the head of this event of virtualized importance. She rings in with insights into how the show is developed, and has tips for making all the hours in the week count. In addition, we asked our columnists to take a peek at the course catalog and tell us what sessions they'd attend this year if they had limited time (which they do, considering some of them also have to be speaking at their own VMworld sessions).

If all goes as planned, I hope to see you there with this guide in hand.

Your Help Needed: Training/Certification
How does training and certification figure into your career? Is this something you pursue or that your company encourages so that you stay in top form as a technologist? Or is this something you do for yourself? Is training and certification a waste of time? We want to hear your opinions. Write to me at [email protected] with "Certification" in the subject line of your message. Opinions will remain confidential until we ask permission to use them.

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Michael Domingo has held several positions at 1105 Media, and is currently the editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine.


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