Microsoft Poll: 95% See Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Already 'Critical to Success'

Microsoft sponsored a survey of IT pros and decision-makers to reaffirm the industry consensus about the importance of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud enterprise implementations.

So how important are they?

This important: Some 86 percent of all respondents plan to increase investment in hybrid or multi-cloud environments:

Planned Changes
[Click on image for larger view.] Planned Changes (source: Microsoft).

and 95 percent say those technologies have already been critical to their success:

Critical to Success
[Click on image for larger view.] Critical to Success (source: Microsoft).

The online Hybrid & Multicloud Perceptions survey, conducted by The Harris Poll, targeted IT pros and decision-makers on both the IT and business sides in October 2021, with no number of respondents given.

Because the two terms are sometimes bandied about with different interpretations, Microsoft says multi-cloud refers to the use of multiple public clouds, while hybrid cloud is a mix of on-premises and one or more public clouds.

"The survey and our own observations both underscore how companies are emphasizing remote work, increasing demands for efficiency and ever-present competitive pressures to reduce costs," said Microsoft exec Erin Chapple in a Jan. 27 blog post. "While the pandemic has already accelerated use of cloud technology, respondents shared they will continue to proactively and strategically invest in cloud, specifically hybrid and multi-cloud, in the next few years."

Being "critical to success" means enabling new scenarios, improving resource efficiency and increasing business agility to boost the bottom line.

"Companies that use these technologies were more likely to report increases in revenue over the past 12 months, with 83 percent of those who operate in both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments reporting revenue growth compared to just 58 percent of non-hybrid and non-multi-cloud users," Microsoft said. "In fact, nearly all professionals in organizations that use hybrid or multi-cloud said these solutions drove direct business outcomes."

Business Outcomes
[Click on image for larger view.] Business Outcomes (source: Microsoft).

The results of the survey reaffirm conclusions found in many other similar studies regarding the importance of hybrid and multi-cloud, as shown in recent Virtualization & Cloud Review articles like "Multi-Cloud Is New Normal, Survey Says, but Skills Shortage Persists" and "Survey Indicates 'Hybrid Cloud Is the Future,' NetApp Says."

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