Application Virtualization

Virtualization Hits the Cloud

Skytap’s Virtual Lab service lets developers subscribe to virtual machines (VMs) and provides a VM image library and a virtual lab-management app.

Q&A: Fausto Ibarra Takes SQL Server Reins

New director of product management talks up database and hints at future technologies.

VMware Unveils ThinApp 4.0 for Application Virtualization

VMware has announced VMware ThinApp 4.0,  its major offering in the emerging market for application virtualization.

Virtualization Improves Developer Productivity

The many ways virtualization technology can help you and your team get more done.

Innovative Vendors

There aren't many more innovative industries within IT than virtualization.

Crouching App, Hidden OS

Microsoft Faces Skeptics at Open Source Conference

Novell and Microsoft share the results of their teamwork at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference.

Citrix Aims High

Known for application virtualization, the company shook the hypervisor market with the strength of a sonic boom when it bought open source maker XenSource.

Square One

To properly use virtualization, you've got to first understand it.

Gartner: Virtualization 'Highest Impact' Tech Through 2012

When it comes to infrastructure and operations, research firm Gartner says that virtualization will be the most significant trend through the next four years.

First Impressions: Marathon everRun HA

High availability for Windows Server gets an assist through a virtual copy scheme.

Profile: VKernel and the Economics of Virtualization

One company aims to measure virtualization's effect on the bottom line.

What I've Learned About Virtualization

If you're lucky enough to get the print version of Virtualization Review, keep it -- it's almost guaranteed to be a collectors' item. Virtualization technology changes so fast, that issue will be a true antique in just a few month's time.

New Things to Virtualize

Virtualization is like a Sears 144-piece toolset -- there's something for every job.

Appistry Launches Open Distribution Initiative

Appistry, a pioneering provider of grid-inspired application servers known as "fabrics," is reaching out to developers with a free version of its flagship product, a new open licensing model and a newly launched developer portal.