AI Powers Microsoft to Leadership in Robotic Process Automation

Microsoft's big bet on advanced AI is paying off in many ways, including propelling the company into the leadership rank of a research report on robotic process automation (RPA).

AI Brings Star Trek 'Universal Translator' Closer to Reality

However, rather than scanning alien brain waves to find a basis for language commonality and translation, Meta's new SeamlessM4T is just a multimodal AI model, though it can perform speech-to-text, speech-to-speech, text-to-speech, and text-to-text translations for up to 100 languages depending on the task.

VMware Explore: VMware (and NVIDIA) Execs Promise To Deliver on Generative AI's Promise

VMware debuted a new solution, jointly developed with NVIDIA, that aims to address the legal, privacy and security concerns around the use of generative AI in enterprises.

VMware Details New Ransomware, Disaster Recovery Protections

VMware detailed its latest protections against ransomware -- along with disaster recovery improvements -- as its big VMware Explore 2023 conference kicked off in Las Vegas, citing moves across several properties.

'Private AI' Leads AI News at VMware Explore 2023

The expected deluge of AI-related news at this week's big VMware Explore 2023 conference sees a "Private AI" initiative with chipmaker NVIDIA, along with AI integrations to the Anywhere Workspace platform and much more.

Results of Microsoft's Big AI Bet? An 'Additional $31 Billion' in Revenue

A $10 billion-plus investment put advanced generative AI tech into everything from Bing search to Microsoft 365 office apps to even Windows itself, with some prices rising accordingly.

Report on Bad Actor Gen AI: So Far, So Little

Threat actors are likely to increasingly leverage generative AI for their illegal exploits, a new report indicates, but so far have been relatively quiet on that front.

Microsoft Entra Internet and Private Access

Paul's review: Entra Internet Access makes a lot of sense, while Entra Private Access is an interesting evolution of the existing App Proxy and could be a no-brainer for SMBs with on-premises resources.

Building a CyberInsurance Infrastructure in the Age of Ransomware

In the age of ransomware, John O'Neill Sr. has become a CyberInsurance expert who guides clients through the intricacies of protecting infrastructure and dealing with insurance companies.

Consultancy Explains How Hiring Must Evolve as AI Changes Work in America

As many studies decry the notion of AI eliminating professions and instead point to net positive workforce results from using AI in the enterprise, a management consultancy details how organizations can change hiring practices to thrive in the new world order.

Creating Auto Scaling Groups for EC2

Here's how organizations build scaling groups to create and delete instances in response to a workload's demands.

Injecting Network Issues Using VMware Workstation

Tom continues to investigate how various OSes running the Horizon client react when network conditions are less than ideal, for example, when networks drop packets, have limited bandwidth and/or experience latency issues.

Veeam, Rubrik Lead in Enterprise Backup/Recovery Report

Veeam and Rubrik are leading the "leaders" in a new report on enterprise backup and recovery published by research firm Gartner.

'Project IDX' Does Experimental AI-Powered App Development in Google Cloud

Maybe Google didn't like Microsoft using AI to challenge its search supremacy, as the company introduced a browser-based, cloud-hosted development environment that could rival offerings like Visual Studio Code for the Web.

Thin Clients as VMs on an Intel NUC 13 Pro

Tom tries operating systems not on VMware's guest OS compatibility list, finding some work to varying degrees, some not at all.

Alibaba Cloud Furthers Open Source AI Movement with Two LLMs

The move from the Chinese company comes shortly after U.S.-based Meta (known for Facebook) made big AI news by <a href="" target="_blank">open sourcing its Llama 2 LLM</a>.

Installing and Running VMware Workstation 17 Pro on a NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition

Tom Fenton investigates performance differences between virtual and physical machines.

Motherboard Image

How 'High Performer' Firms Benefit from AI Embrace, While Others Don't

One trait: high performers are more than five times more likely than others to say they spend more than 20 percent of their digital budgets on AI.

How Performant Is the NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition?

Tom Fenton pops off the bottom of the device to look at its innards, powers it up and runs some benchmarks.

From Boosting Amazon Bedrock to Free Courses: AI at AWS Summit

"I believe it will transform every application, industry and business."

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