Tips for Managing VDI, Part 2: Component Best Practices

After previously explaining what VDI is and its recent history, Tom dives in to specific components and some best practices around them.

New Cloud Cybersecurity Worry: 'Alert Fatigue'

As if you didn't have enough to fret about from rampant ransomware and other cybersecurity threats, Orca Security has published a new survey-based report on a new worry: "alert fatigue."

Tips for Managing VDI, Part 1: The Basics

Tom gives expert hands-on advice as more employers try to keep their employees happy working from home without risking a corporation's digital assets.

AWS Uses Metaverse-Like Game for Cloud Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is using a 3D metaverse-like role-playing game to train users on how to use its cloud computing platform.

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Accenture's 'Metaverse Continuum,' Tech Trends and Digitally Enhanced Future

In announcing four top tech trends for 2022, Accenture is imagining digitally enhanced human experiences reshaped by the convergence of physical and virtual realities and augmented by cutting-edge technology.

What Workloads Hinder Enterprise Lift-and-Shift to Cloud?

A new hybrid cloud adoption survey reveals the workloads most responsible for holding back full enterprise IT cloud migrations.

Talent Dearth Continues to Hamper Cloud Expansion, Survey Shows

While we're still in a cloud computing boom, familiar challenges like a lack of top talent continue to hinder enterprise efforts to expand their cloud initiatives, says a new report.

Cloud Security Report: It's Still Misconfiguration, Misconfiguration ...

Misconfiguration was still the No. 1 cause of cloud security incidents last year, says a report from Check Point Software Technologies.

State of the Cloud 2022: Azure Usage Surpasses AWS

"Data from this year's survey indicates Azure seems to be either closing the gap -- or has slightly surpassed -- AWS with some users."

CNCF Finds Prometheus Top Cloud Observability Choice

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) conducted a cloud native observability survey that found its own projects accounted for the top three most popular offerings, starting off with Prometheus.

Making Automatic Adjustments to Your AWS Budget

Brien shows how budgets can be adjusted automatically based on your recent usage trends, helping to avoid sticker shock.

Once a Security Problem, Open Source Now a Solution, Report Says

Red Hat was surprised by this finding from its new report on open source software in the enterprise: It's now seen as a benefit, when it was a big security problem not that long ago.

Using Amazon's New Backup Capabilities for S3, Part 2: Backup Plan

Brien shows how to create a backup plan after previously creating an on-demand backup of an S3 bucket.

Using Amazon's New Backup Capabilities for S3, Part 1: On-Demand Backups

Amazon S3 storage buckets previously were conspicuously absent from the list of backup-supported services, but no longer, as Brien demonstrates.

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Using a Raspberry Pi as a $21 Edge Environment Monitoring Solution

In his continuing Pi adventures, Tom creates another edge device -- this one using a DHT22 sensor to monitor the humidity and temperature in a remote location.

What's Microsoft Defender for Identity and Why Should I Use It?

After looking at MDI in an overview of the Microsoft 365 Defender family, Paul Schnackenburg takes a deep dive and shares why he thinks it's an excellent addition to the protection of your on-premises Active Directory network.

Using a Raspberry Pi as a $50 Edge Time-Lapse Camera

It might not be practical for large organizations to assemble these for corporate use, but smaller business units might be attracted to its price and customizability.

No. 1 Cloud Computing Cost Saver: Resource Reservations

"The most important cost savings that you can do in the cloud is resource reservation," says Joey D'Antoni, principal consultant at Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting.

Hands-On Review of SANNCE Webcam

It actually prompted one meeting participant to comment on the lack of glare on Tom's visage.

Take Five: Dynatrace Perform 2022

Tom Fenton gives his five takeaways from the recent Perform user conference held by Dynatrace, an application performance monitoring and autonomous cloud management specialist.

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