From Deepfakes to Facial Recognition, Stanford Report Tracks Big Hike in AI Misuse

A sprawling new report from Stanford University charts a steep rise in the misuse of AI technology, increasingly being applied to image/video deepfakes and questionable facial recognition and surveillance efforts.

While Some Call for AI Pause, AWS Launches Generative AI Accelerator

Amid calls for an industry pause on AI large language model (LLM) development, AWS has launched a program to boost generative AI startups.

Microsoft Eases AI Image Generation Across the Board

Capitalizing on the current generative AI hype, Microsoft is making it easier for users to create their own images across its consumer app portfolio.

Open Source Guides for Prompting AI Large Language Models

With AI prompt engineering one of the hottest disciplines in IT right now, we take a look at some of the top open source "best practices" type of guides on GitHub.

Thin or Native VDI Client? Measuring OS Resource Intensity Levels Helps Decide

Tom Fenton explores what resources are required to run a VDI client on top of a generic OS vs. a thin client

How to Enable TPM Support for AWS Windows EC2 Instances

Surprisingly, most Windows EC2 instances do not support TPM 2.0, but thankfully there is a way to enable TPM support, explains Brien Posey.

Commercial AI Pushes Receiving More Blowback

Is the rush to capitalize on AI advancements with commercial products pushing things too far, too fast?

Information Governance: The Microsoft Way

Paul Schnackenburg says the industry is adopting these technologies as part of Zero Trust and defense in depth, so everyone should have a grasp of the basics.

Backing up the vCenter Server Appliance for Free

Tom Fenton says VMware's free solution has been proven over the years and is a viable option for even the most cash-strapped vSphere deployments. Startup Debuts for 'Trustworthy AI'

Mozilla, with a mantra of making "browsers, apps, code and tools that put people before profit," seeks to challenge corporate AI with

Google Plays AI Catch-Up with Bard Search, Docs/Gmail Moves

After seeing Microsoft sprint to the forefront in the race to harness generative AI for corporate products, Google is playing catch up, today announcing a waitlist for the company's Bard search chatbot, following a recent announcement of AI-infused enhancements to Docs and Gmail.

Cloud Giants Continue Waves of Massive Layoffs

Cloud giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google continue to lay off tens of thousands of employees, with Amazon today announcing another 9,000 positions will be eliminated in the next few weeks.

Data Scientists Cite Lack of GPT-4 Details

Several data scientists have noted the lack of technical details accompanying the recent release of GPT-4 by OpenAI.


GPT-4, Powering New Bing, 'Surpasses ChatGPT in Its Advanced Reasoning Capabilities'

Microsoft partner OpenAI has released GPT-4 the latest iteration of its advanced large language model (LLM) series of machine language systems.

Hacking ChatGPT: 'The Dark Web's Hottest Topic'

"Forum threads on ChatGPT rose 145 percent -- from 37 to 91 in a month -- as exploiting the bot became the dark web's hottest topic."

There's a New Job in Town: Prompt Engineer (to the Tune of $335K/Year)

The new role has appeared largely thanks to the advent of cutting-edge generative AI systems based on the GPT-3 series of large language models (LLMs) for machine learning created by OpenAI.

Microsoft Details How Enterprises Can Use ChatGPT with Up-to-Date, Non-Public Corporate Data

The sentient-sounding ChatGPT chatbot can't by itself incorporate any information beyond September 2021 or access enterprise data.

Azure OpenAI Service Gets ChatGPT

It's a preview, open only to Microsoft managed customers and partners who have been vetted and granted access to the cloud service.

Threat Report: Big Hike in Cloud Attacks, but 'Access Broker' Biz Skyrocketed

Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike's recent threat report paints a bleak picture, citing increased attacks across the board from cloud attacks to malware-free exploitations, but the access broker business saw the biggest uptick.

Microsoft Explores AI and 'The Open Source Future with Web3'

As part of an open-source-focused Azure event today, Microsoft announced new AI capabilities and explored "the open source future with Web3."

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