New 'Amazon Q' AI Assistant vs. Amazon CodeWhisperer: What's the Diff?

Cloud-native developers on AWS were greeted with a preview of a new generative AI assistant called Amazon Q during the company's ongoing re:Invent conference, adding to the existing CodeWhisperer functionality.

Customizing Your AWS Backup Schedule with CRON Expressions

Because standard scheduling options aren't going to be a good fit for every situation.

Microsoft Ignite 2023: Highlights for Security-Conscious IT Pros

IT consultant and attendee Paul Schnackenburg digests many sessions to explain changes coming in the Defender suite of security products, Windows Server v.Next and SharePoint.

KubeCon 2023 North America: Tiny Containers, AI & Other Cloud-Native Goodies

A prevailing trend was the integration of AI and ML into Kubernetes environments, with a specific focus on dynamic resource allocation and the potential economic impact of generative AI.

Cloud Giants Buy In to Simplify Cost/Billing/Usage Data

The "Big 3" cloud giants and other industry powerhouses are supporting a project from The Linux Foundation that seeks to demystify cloud billing data.

VMware Explore 2023 Europe: A Day-by-Day Recap

Tom details his experience in Barcelona as a technologist, presenter and journalist.

VMware, Intel Team Up to 'Enable Private AI Everywhere'

VMware announced a collaboration with Intel to make AI more accessible and private across various environments like datacenters, public clouds and the edge.

GitHub Octoverse: AI Goes Mainstream Amid Cloud-Native Dev Surge

GitHub's 2023 State of the Octoverse report notes that AI has become mainstream amid a surge in cloud-native development.

Rubrik Unveils Ruby: Generative AI to Boost Cybersecurity

Rubrik, a specialist in Zero Trust data security, this week launched Ruby, a generative AI companion designed to enhance cyber detection, recovery and resilience.

Druva Unveils Secure Azure Backup, 'Dru' AI Copilot

Druva, provider of a data resiliency SaaS platform, this week expanded its multi-cloud protection capabilities for the Azure cloud after previously unveiling an AI-powered copilot called "Dru" to help with backups.

Veeam Updates Data Platform and 'Kasten by Veaam' for Kubernetes

Veeam, specializing in data protection and ransomware recovery, announced updates to two major offerings during recent tech events, along with a partnership with Sophos.

How Important Is OpenAI Tech to Azure Cloud? Ask Nadella

Nothing defines a lucrative partnership like showing up at one another's big tech events.

Hybrid-Cloud Cyber Resiliency Research: Cloud Just as Susceptible to Ransomware

Veeam tapped data from several research projects to publish a brief on hybrid cloud computing and cyber resiliency, finding that clouds are just as susceptible to ransomware attacks, maybe even more so.

TerraMaster F2-212 Personal Cloud NAS, Part 4: Performance Testing

Tom does parallel testing of iSCSI and NFS, along with testing NFS SSD VMs, iSCSI SSD VMs, multimedia performance and more.

Microsoft Radius, Keda, Copa and Dapr

Paul discusses the new and established offerings and how they can work together to help developers and infrastructure folks deploy and manage applications at scale.

Updating an EC2 Windows Instance's Device Drivers

Bug fixes, security updates and feature updates are delivered through Windows Update, but if you are running Windows on an EC2 instance, then drivers need to be updated in a completely different way.

TerraMaster F2-212, Part 3: Low-Cost vSphere VM Backup Device

Tom pushes the personal cloud storage device beyond its intended use case to act as a repository for VMs while seeing if it can be used as shared storage for running VMs.

Microsoft Thanks Cloud for First-Quarter Earnings Report

"Consistent execution by our sales teams and partners drove a strong start to the fiscal year with Microsoft Cloud revenue of $31.8 billion, up 24 percent (up 23 percent in constant currency) year-over-year."

TerraMaster F2-212 NAS Device, Part 2: Setup, Configuration and Remote Access

Tom looks at how easy it is to set up the private cloud NAS device, how well it acts as a backup device for documents and videos, and how easy it is to access the device and its files remotely.

Microsoft Unveils 'Radius' Cloud App Platform for Azure (and AWS!)

It enables developers and supporting platform engineers to collaborate on delivering and managing cloud-native applications that follow organizational best practices for cost, operations and security by default.

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