Security Vendor Reportedly Bought by Microsoft

The company, Hexadite, is a security automation and orchestration provider.

NComputing Offers Raspberry Pi 3 Thin Client

It may find a home in Citrix shops.

The Evolution of Hardware Compatibility Lists

There's room for improvement, and VMware is heading in that direction.

AT&T Expands NFV Management Platform

It promises to simplify the process of buying and adding network functionality.

How To Display Log Data Using Bubble Charts

Visualizing data as bubbles may alert you to issues you've missed.

There Is No 'Silo' In Team

Holistic IT seems like a laudable goal, but how do you get there?

The New Computing Bottlenecks

Storage breakthroughs are leading to new ways of thinking about infrastructure.

Veeam Talks Vision

The company points to the future while recognizing its limitations.

Sprint NFV/SDN Research Leads to Open Source Project for Network Efficiency

It runs on standard off-the-shelf Intel servers and achieves core network efficiency by packing multiple networking components into a small number of compute cores.

Veeam Announces New Products

Supported environments are limited to Windows and Linux, however.

Red Hat Positions Ansible as the Automation Platform for the Enterprise

But is there a place for legacy systems?

VMware To Offer Desktop-as-a-Service Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure

The partnership is announced seven months after a deal with Amazon Web Services.

The Case for Systems Integrators

Think they're outdated? Think again.

Telstra Building 'Network-as-a-Service' with SDN and NFV

"This new network will be programmable at its core and will automate the provisioning of new applications and services."

Troubleshooting In Complex IT Environments

Where monitoring falls short.

5 Reasons To Use a Log Consolidator and Analyzer

The humble log analyzer can be more helpful than you probably think.

Dell Refreshes PowerEdge Line for First Time in 3 Years

It's part of an effort to make servers more cloud ready.

Microsoft Shares its Vision of Making the Cloud Smarter

CEO Satya Nadella focuses on artificial intelligence and "Congitive Services."

VMware Announces IoT Management Offering

The VMware Pulse IoT Center is in a private beta, and due "sometime" in 2017.

Why Batch Processing Is Still Critical to IT Operations

An updated product emphasizes its continuing importance.

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