Desktop Virtualization

Sun VirtualBox 2.2 Adds Open Virtualization Format Support

Sun Microsystems has released VirtualBox 2.2, an update to the company's free and open source desktop virtualization solution.

Sun Releases Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3

Sun has released Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 3, a major update to the company's virtualization management suite.

Forrester: Businesses Adopting Virtualization

Server virtualization is being implemented at the majority of firms, in both enterprise (1,000 seats or more) and small-to-medium (SMB) business segments, according to two separate Forrester Research reports.

Gartner: Everything's Coming Up Virtual

New research from Gartner predicts that sales of virtualization software could jump by nearly 50 percent this year.

A Virtual Desktop Education

This University of Maryland admin got tired of fixing end-user computers. So he ripped them all out and replaced them with little silver boxes.

Red Hat Enters Enterprise Virtualization Space

Another vendor has thrown its hat into the enterprise virtualization ring. This one is red.

VMware Fusion Expands Mac OS X Support, Adds Virus Security

VMware has released an update to Fusion, the company's desktop virtualization solution for Mac OS X.

Microsoft Releases Desktop Virtualization Beta

Microsoft released a beta of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), which lets users run older OSes and applications on newer Windows systems.

AppSense: Riding the VDI Tailwind

Abstracting user "personality" is an important consideration in pooled resource VDI deployments. Here's how one start-up is looking to capitalize.

Sun Releases xVM VirtualBox 2.1

Sun Microsystems recently released the latest version of its desktop virtualization software, xVM VirtualBox.

The Next Frontier: Mobile Phone Hypervisors

VMware makes a play for mobile market share.

Review: VM Monitoring with eG Manager

eG Innovations takes on the daunting challenge of VM performance monitoring.

Xen and the Art of Hosted Desktops

Citrix Systems' XenDesktop is a state-of-the-art product for hosted desktop virtualization and may be the gold standard by which other products are judged in a feature-for-feature comparison. Here's a look at the capabilities, options and feature sets available with this product, as well as how to install, set up and configure it in the data center.

The Disappearing Desktop: How VDI Is Changing the Game

Will desktop PCs in their current incarnation fade from view as they become increasingly virtualized?

HP: Upping The Ante in the Protocol Wars

RDP lags behind ICA in terms of the VDI user experience. But HP intends to narrow the gap for its client virtualization offerings.

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