Desktop Virtualization

How vCenter Operations Can Help You

Your vSphere infrastructure needs monitoring, and that's where vCenter Operations comes in. Let's take a look at how to work with it.

VDI-in-a-Box 4.0 Cuts Costs, Complexity

Deploying and configuring the Kaviza package is a breeze.

Analyzing vSphere Performance with Free Xangati

I tried Xangati for ESX to find out why the tool was different from other virtual infrastructure performance-monitoring solutions. Here's what I found out.

Getting Started with vCenter Operations

Your vSphere infrastructure needs monitoring, and that's where vCenter Operations comes in. Let's take a look at how to work with it.

Every Admin Should ThinApp the vSphere Client

VMware Lab's ThinApped vSphere client allows running the client without installing it.

5 Ways to Measure Virtualization Efficiency

The typical IT gauges don't translate well for measuring virtualization efficiencies. You'll need to look at it from a different angle.

Dell To Invest $1 Billion in Cloud

Dell today said it is investing $1 billion in cloud computing under a two-year plan to build out datacenters that will let customers subscribe to virtualized compute infrastructure and storage.

GUI for Free Hyper-V, For Free

Microsoft's Free Hyper-V needs a GUI. In the meantime, a third-party provider has filled in the gap.

vSphere Support Added to Next OpenStack Compute Release

VMware customers looking for openness in cloud solutions might see vSphere support in the forthcoming OpenStack Compute "Cactus" release as a opportunity.

Windows Intune Hits Release-to-Web Milestone

Microsoft rolled out the final release-to-Web (RTW) version of its Windows Intune PC management and security service on Thursday, during the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas.

Browse the Web in the vSphere Client

There's browsing the Web, and then there's kinda browsing the Web with vSphere. Here's a tool that removes the "kinda" part.

VMware View Now Available on iPad

The Apple iPad got a major enterprise nod this week from virtualization giant VMware Inc.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Adds Improved Virtualization Tools

Customers who use Microsoft's Desktop Optimization Pack can now download the latest version that includes updated application virtualization and desktop virtualization tools.

Desktop Virtualization: What are You Waiting for?

In this new column, Taneja Group lead virtualization analyst Dave Bartoletti will offer his personal insights and findings on all trends virtual and cloud.

Don't Get Caught Not Knowing Your vSphere Requirements

Read the forgetful manual. It'll save you some pain later on when troubleshooting vSphere.

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