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How To Migrate VMware VMs via Open Virtualization Format

Have a fallback plan and learn how to use OVF to migrate VMware VMs.

Enable vFlash for Server-Side Caching

There's a new way to speed up read operations on your VMs.

How To Configure Network QoS in vSphere 5.5

vSphere 5.5 announced a few new features and enhancements related to networking and specifically quality of service.

5 Ways Fusion 6 is Making VMware Look Good in Every Form Factor

Fusion 6 delivers a number of features, five of which I've used and found to be useful. Here's what I like so far.

Get to Know the vCenter Server Appliance

VMware will soon be discontinuing the vSphere Client for Windows application, formerly known as the VMware Infrastructure Client (VI Client).

How To Analyze Performance, Capacity with Foglight

Foglight Free Edition has enough capability to figure out your performance and capacity issues. Here's a look at the various tools.

How To Manage vSphere from Workstation

Here's a cool new trick I learned absolutely by accident when working with a Wordpress server.

The Many Uses of VMware's Hand On Lab Infrastructure

It'd be nice to see the company use it for VCP self-paced training next.

How to Get VMware Documentation on iPhone, Kindle or iBooks

It's nice to know that VMware's documentation is accessible on my iPhone or Amazon Kindle. Here's how to gain access, too.

How To Use the vSphere Web Client to Deploy VMs

You have many options for deploying virtual machines. But here's one method you should become familiar with, as it'll help you when the other options become obsolete.

Deploy vCenter Server Appliance 5.1 in 5 Easy Steps

VMware wants you to start getting used to the vSphere Web client. One way to do that is to start using the vCSA.

3 Free Tools for Managing a VM's Lifecycle

Much like a human lifecycle, each virtual machine goes through one that needs to be managed from birth to end of life. Here are some tools to consider.

5 Tips for Mastering Virtualization Backup

At too many companies today, getting reliable and 100 percent recoverable virtualization backup for the entire infrastructure is more art than science.

Free Tool: V2V Easy Converter Simplifies Move to Hyper-V

5nine takes vSphere-to-Hyper-V conversion to higher levels with its freely available VM conversion tool.

VMware Wields Many Cloud Weapons

If VMware wants to grow, it might look at using its weapons against its competition as well as partners. The company would be crazy not to have thought about it.

Importance of vSphere Design: How To Figure Out Cluster Workloads

Nifty tips in Scott Lowe's new training video from TrainSignal

Q&A with Ed Lee on RAID, Virtualization-Aware Storage

Lee looks back at his work with the Berkeley RAID team, and how that impacts his work as the lead architect at virtualization-aware storage maker Tintri.

Get Started with VMware vCloud Director

The tech world is hot for cloud computing, and VMware says it's leading the charge.

How to Mass Storage vMotion

The best thing about storage vMotion? Migrating VMs whether powered off, or on.

The Virtual Networking Prophet -- An Interview with Martin Casado of Nicira

Living proof that Casado and Nicira are doing some great things in the network virtualization arena.