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Who's Afraid of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Even with advancements in cloud- and virtualization-based BDR solutions, companies are prone to choose traditional BDR approaches.

In-House or SaaS -- How To Decide Which is Best for You

Is there still a place for legacy infrastructure solutions or is SaaS slowly making them extinct? Let's look at the pros and cons of each deployment model.

Private Cloud on a Pauper Budget

Private clouds were once expensive undertakings, but times have changed and they can now be launched by companies with incredibly limiting financial resources. But make the right decisions or you'll end up with the wrong private cloud solution, says one CTO.

Plenty of Room for both OpenStack and CloudStack

With competing cloud stacks battling it out publicly, customers will be the eventual winners.

Beyond the Cloud Hype: Hybridization Delivers Workload-Centric Cost Efficiency and Agility

Often, the best solution is a hybrid approach that melds the existing internal capabilities and assets of the IT organization with the scale and immediacy that the cloud offers.

Evolution of Optimized Private Clouds

With the potential of private clouds now being realized by organizations of all sizes, IT is awakening to the importance of continuously improving the way it manages and delivers cloud-based services.

10 Steps to the Private Cloud

For private clouds to become viable, organizations must embrace several steps to advance their private cloud strategies.

Application Security in the Cloud

Today's Web Application Firewalls need to provide the application protection that organizations require to block evolving threats, no matter where applications are deployed in today's dynamic environments.

Bringing Coherence to Cloud Management

Your IT department already has everything it needs for all business operations. What's missing is the right management toolkit to knit it all together.

When Worlds Collide: Virtualization Impacts Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Virtualization is a major planetary body in the enterprise IT universe, impacting servers, storage, desktops and more. On the same trajectory is video conferencing infrastructure, and they'r ready to collide.

Why Telcos Won't Rule the Cloud

There is a common belief that the future of IaaS clouds will be dominated by telcos. That belief is wrong for many reasons.

The Network Automation Imperative

When your virtualization or cloud project sputters in efficiency, network automation can get that project some new life.

5 Ways to Measure Virtualization Efficiency

The typical IT gauges don't translate well for measuring virtualization efficiencies. You'll need to look at it from a different angle.

10 Steps to Private Cloud

For private clouds to become viable, organizations must embrace several steps to advance their private cloud strategies.